A portrait of Adrian Wilhelm on a chair in a studio.
A mirror selfie of Adrian Wilhelm with neon green hair in an elevator.
A portrait of Adrian Wilhelm on a rocky beach with ocean view.
A 3D rendered peace sign hand emoji.
An black and white artistic portrait of Adrian Wilhelm. The background is solid white. You can only see the silhouette of the person.
A portrait of Adrian Wilhelm in his apartment.
Art DirectionBrandingUX / UIEditorialPrintVisuals

I craft visual narratives with a unique blend of expertise, attention to detail and interdisciplinary knowledge. The skills I’ve developed allow me to work in branding, print and UX / UI design, as well as directing designers in these fields. I do my best work when I can dive into complex topics in the fields of art, culture and education to find ways of making them accessible through visual communication.

I’m an art director + communication designer based in Germany with over eight years of experience in design studios and creative agencies.

Experience &

Freelance work
  • Art direction
  • Design

With my work as a freelance designer, I offer visual communication services to small businesses and projects with a positive social impact. My goal is to give them a visual identity and amplify their reach by communicating the importance of their work.

Dorfjungs.SEP 2020 – TODAY
  • Art direction
  • Design
  • Team management

My journey at Dorfjungs. began as a six-month digital design internship, but it soon evolved into a transformative role that left an indelible mark. I worked
in concept and UX /UI design, expanded on a digital-first branding process and became art director and team lead in 2022. My work involves developing brands, creating digital customer experiences, animating motion design concepts and directing the design team. I relaunched the agency brand and website, defined roles for the resident designers and helped them grow individually and as a team.

2k kreativ konzeptAUG 2015 – JUL 2020
  • Design

In a two-year apprenticeship at 2k kreativkonzept, I honed my skills as a media designer. My role encompassed high-end image retouching, print design and creating brand and marketing concepts for hard-to-explain B2B products. This is where I learned to pay attention to detail and how to execute flawless print designs. After completing my apprenticeship, I continued as a junior designer for a year, and continued as a working student during my studies

Certified trainer (IHK)For apprentices in media design
Bachelor of Arts2018 - 2022Visual communication, University of Pforzheim
Dual apprenticeship (IHK)2015 – 2017Media design – concept & visualization
  • Figma & Adobe XD
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Blender
  • Wordpress, Storyblok & Prismic
  • German
  • English


Let’s talk about design, work & horror movies.

I currently don’t take on freelance work. Sorry!
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