The AMES Foundation works to stop the extinction of Africa's most endangered species. This recruiting campaign and scrollytelling microsite aims to generate new guardian memberships to finance their reserves.

CSS Design Awards
"Website Of The Day", 11.11.2023

art direction,

motion design,

ux / ui,

event campaign

In the initial concept phase, we identified the messages that needed to be communicated to potential new guardians. We laid out a content map and researched technologies that would enable us to create an immersive photo book. 

For this special campaign website, we took pre-existing brand assets, colors and typefaces, but dialed up the individual components to create a bolder appearance. During the design and realization phase, design, art direction and development worked together in a small task force to finish this website just in time for the annual AMES summit.

Each year, potential and existing members of AMES meet in Hamburg. For the AMES summit 2023, we created flyers, roll ups and posters amongst other things. During the summit, the new Join AMES website was revealed. The design of the microsite has been translated into print assets – with a focus on environmentally friendly materials such as grass paper. ​​​​​​​

The AMES Foundation is not a non-profit, but a for impact organization: Their mission is to make biodiversity scalable and profitable so that Africa becomes a safer place for animals. I'm happy to accompany them on their mission. 


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