As one of the leading international research institutions, KASTEL Security Research Labs contributes to the interdisciplinary research of holistic solutions for the security and data protection of complex networked systems. 



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The think tank explores the quantification of security and privacy. In doing so, they are guided by the unity of research, teaching, and innovation. The individual researchers from different institutions needed a strong brand that would unite them.

In the initial concept phase, we identified the messages that needed to be communicated internally and externally to position KASTEL as one of the leading think tanks for cyber security. Because of its ties to Fraunhofer Institut and KIT, the future brand needed to stay within this visual cosmos but I also wanted find ways of creating a visual appearance that all researchers could identify with proudly.

For this, we set up several workshops with different key players at KASTEL and let them participate in the conceptual groundwork of the brand relaunch. From this, we created all aspects of the corporate design and helped KASTEL create internal structures through clear communication. 

As the world of cyber security is hard to photograph (due to its digital nature), I created illustrations that let users experience this unique world of research. Visual metaphors like architecture give insights into this metaphysical field of study. The dreamy, surreal look aims to give this strictly rational topic a magical touch. 

As our needs for security and protection continuously grow, I am happy to accompany KASTEL on their journey through the vast world of cyber security. This brand and website relaunch lays the groundwork for them to expand and grow as an institution.


KASTEL Security Research Labs


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